Delta Troop (AIR) 1st Sqdn 4th Cav 1st Infantry Division

Vietnam War Living History done right.


Our display always has room to grow and our members put alot of time money and effort into bringing it out for vets and the general public to enjoy and learn from it.  If you or someone you know has any items which you would like to donate we will gladly display them with respect.  Simply contact our unit commander.   Help us continue this mission and donate today.  We are also always looking for  Vietnam Vets and Vets organizations who are willing to talk to the public about their experiences.


                                               Mission Statement

"Why We Fight"

The single outstanding goal of Quarter Horse is to educate the public about a very important piece of American history. In a time when this nation was split by controversy, thousands of young Americans were called and selflessly laid their lives upon the line for their country; a tradition that has been handed down since the fight for our nation's independence. These men were called upon to do a service, and they did it fully aware of the dangers involved. We do this to honor them. We do this to remember them. We do this to carry on their story. We do this so that those who answered the call...

may never ever die.

 Established in 2002, past events have included: Work at the US Army Heritage and Education Center, Tet 68 Vets reunion, Fort Mifflin Vietnam Vets days, The Battleship New Jersey and various museum events and Vets organizations.  If you want to organize an event geared toward honoring nam vets or educating about Vietnam please feel free to contact Unit Commander at: 

As Unit Commander I have professionally educate groups on Vietnam at the Army Heritage center, and my men show the highest respect and authenticity.  This is what separates us from some other units out there, authenticity and dedication to the vets.  Of the 58,181 plus men and women killed in The Vietnam War 3,151 belonged to the Big Red 1.  We all do this for different reasons, some are current vets honoring the men who came before us, fathers and grandfathers who served, or just because they want to show our Vietnam Vets that we appreciate them and what they and their brothers did.  We also do this to honor our good friend Ben who served in 1/4 cav with honor from 1967-1968.

2014 promises to be a great year, we kick off the new year with a special event put on by the Vietnam Vets of America, we will also be back on board the Battleship New Jersey which served in the waters off Vietnam and provided life saving artillery support to the men on the ground.

Commander Delta 1/4 Cav 1st ID Historical Association

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Vietnam reenacting: Can it be done?

This is NOT a reenacting Group, we are historians.  We do not recreate public battles.  We setup a display of historical items and uniforms for educational purposes much like a traveling museum.



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