Delta Troop (AIR) 1st Sqdn 4th Cav 1st Infantry Division

Vietnam War Living History done right.

Tactical Historical Solutions

Our membership is composed of historians who have spent years researching uniforms, gear, tactics, battles and equipment.  Our collections are composed or many examples of original items. Most importantly experience talking with the actual men and women who served for years.  Sadly there are many documentaries, movies and video games which failed to grasp the details and that is were folks like us come in.  We have years of experience working both with films crews on camera and off.  We offer completely kitted out troopers who will not need to be outfitted with weapons, gear and uniforms.  This will save you on expenses. You can see film work done most recently by our membership on "Triggers: weapons that changed the world." and AHC's "Secrets of the Arsenal."  Here is a clip from "Secrets of the Arsenal showing the work we did with the film crew to help them be as accurate as possible. Link to clip  Most Recently we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the M-65 Field jacket with the creators "Alpha Industries".  


Vietnam Impressions we have to offer

US Army Early and late war

USMC Recon or USMC

Army Aviation or Air Cav crew

US Army Special Forces

US Air Force

US Navy

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 Above: Advising on a recent American Heroes Channel production.