Delta Troop (AIR) 1st Sqdn 4th Cav 1st Infantry Division

Vietnam War Living History done right.

          Requirements to become a member of Delta Troop

 Prospective recruits can contact Captain Rentschler at:

Tactical Historical Solutions


"Quarter Horse" currently has active members from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Events generally take place inside this region.  Membership is free, and you need not have all of your gear or prior knowledge. Current members will be happy to help get you started. All you need is the will to make a difference.

1. All Recruits must be male, aged 18 or older and in good physical shape (able to run, carry a 60 pound pack etc) and will be expected to shave and have a proper haircut to present a clean cut appearance.

2. Recruits are required to undergo a 1 year probationary period after which full membership will be voted on.

3. In the year probationary period recruits will be required to purchase the basic uniform.

A. Type III Jungle Fatigue Uniform with OD T shirt

B. Boonie or ball cap

C. Complete M-1956 gear

D. Complete M-1 Helmet

E. M-16 A1 Rifle

F. Jungle Boots and socks

G. Poncho and Poncho Liner

Vets who want to come out and hangout with us at living history functions are welcomed, just email me if your local and interested.